New baby in the family and a much needed vaca!

Ok So After all this time I still suck at blogging. The pics at the bottom I wanted at the top and visversa. So Taylors sister had her baby and that was at the end of march... So This is a pic of us on top of the stratosphere in vegas. We went to Arizona with my family and then on the way home Taylor and I stopped in Vegas and stayed at this hotel for a night. We had a really good time.
picture to the left is of us infront of the Mesa Arizona Temple. It sucked though cause the temple was shut down for a couple of weeks so we couldn't do a session. But maybe next time.

Oh We layed out at the pool and it was such good weather! Then we come home and it freakin snows in the middle of April! Can we say CRAPPY!

The pic above is my cute Grandma with me and all of my brothers and sister . She turns 92 this month. The other pic is at a grave site where my other grandparents have their baby buried and my grandpas mom and sister are buried there. So sad.

Taylor with my cute little brother

This is where my cute Grandparents were married over 50 years ago . It is the visitors center at the Grand canyon

This is at a cool place in Ogden. It was an indoor surfing thing we did a few weeks ago

Cute new neice Chesnie