So a couple weekends ago Taylor and I and his family went to Heber to visit his aunt. This is a picture of us at his uncles gravesite. His uncle died last summer. It was such a horrible time, and so enexpected. It's so crazy how one day we can have someone so close to us that we love and the next they are taken from us by our Heavenly Father. I am sure the Lord had some other important mission for him fo fulfill up above. I am just so grateful for eternal families. The other random pics. are of my cute little nephew, and then some of my most recent creations. Or in this case I think you might say disaster. We had a baby shower for Taylors sister this last Saturday and I made that little duckie cake. But for some reason the head kept falling off. :( It was really a traumatic thing to look at my decapetated(don't know how to spell that) little duckie cake! Anyways the rest is just a tutu I made for my friends little girl that I work with. And the other one of the wipes cases I made the other day. So I think I might start another blog for just that kind of stuff. So if anyone knows people who are interested send them my way!


I can't get enough of this!

So These are some more you guesses it more baby stuff. So I went to Taylor's sisters baby shower today and she got some cute stuff! She liked the tutu and baby wipes box I made her. So then she saw this really cute blanket online the other day and so my mother in-law and I decided we would make it for her next baby shower we are gonna have for her. We found this cute animal print that is similar to the one on line. And then the back is that really soft mink giraff material. So the one I am making is just like a little security blanket. The one online had all this ribbon around the edges so they can feel all the different textures and you can attach their binkis to it if you want. So I decided I would make that one since I suck at sewing then I will just make the little one.

The bottom picture is just us at the baby shower. It is Taylors sister his mom then me.We had such a great time and I can't wait for the little one to arrive any day now!


What's up with all this BABY STUFF?

So for some reason I have been obsessed with making baby things. Like baby hair clips, I don't know why because I don't even have any kids yet. Oh well I just gave those to my friends little girl. So these are the two most recent things I made. It's a good thing that I have a neice on the way to make stuff for now! The first is a diaper wipes case. I think it is so cute. I have never been really crafty before so I was so proud haha I am such a dork. The second is a tutu. The picture is the back of it with the bow. Anyways I just thought I would post these cause I had a proud moment for once. When I do these kinds of things they usually dont turn out.