Here we are after a fun Valentines night! We went and ate sushi with our friends Ashley and Matt. It was so yummy! Ashley was the one who introduced me to sushi I love it now. Then we went and saw a movie. All in all it was a great date! I love Taylor so very much and couldn't ask for a better husband. Hope everyone had a great day!



Ok I know I am lame but I am in love with this show! OH man I can't get enough of it. I always tell Taylor to watch it with me and then he just tells me how much he hates it and how stupid and set up it is. Then of courst when I have it on he always gets hook in. So if any of you are not into this show and don't think you ever will be I guarentee that if you watch you will be hooked for good! Well it's on tonight and I don't have to work so wooohoooo! Bachelor here we come!